Friday, 29 August 2008

As I promised

here there are some images of my holiday!

As you can guess I don't feel like putting my guys' pics here,

so, enjoy the landscape!

We couldn't bath here unfortunately, too cold!

But so beautiful!

And that's the best way to keep you warm!


- A - C - said...

I love the mountains too. Where did you go?

Claudia said...

Trentino, Vermiglio, Val di sole.

not so easy to reach, but really really beautiful!

- A - C - said...

uhhhh.. lo conosco! gli ultimi 2 anni sono stato a Mezzana di Marilleva! com'e' piccolo il mondo!

[scusa il commento in italiano, ma mi e' venuto spontaneo :-) ]

qualcosa di bello said...

i miss the mountains so much when i look at photos like these. we grew up in the mountains of pennsylvania usually take at least one trip to them each year...hopefully in the autumn.

Claudia said...

@-a-c: nessun problema finchè è una lingua che conosco!
sì, piccolissimo!!

@qualcosadibello: I could not live without!