Saturday, 28 July 2012

Translating into Italian

Etsy is growing... and learning a new language: Italian.

The project started, and many members of Etsyitaliateam are helping in this great issue of translating etsy into Italian.
I've never translated a web-site before. I am very gratefull to my informatics course at University, otherwise html would be an enormous difficoulty. These codes are everywhere while translating and sometimes they make it difficult to understand the real meaning of a very simple sentence or phrase.
It's tricky, but so far is also interesting.

What is strange about it is that it must be functional, there is very little to "read". What we are translating are basic information to surf the great sea of shops on Etsy. Thus, we need to focus on the very use of words.
Another thing to take into consideration is lenght. Bottons and links are supposed to take the same amount of space of the english ones.

Luckily, we have a thread to compare our doubts and talk with the admin to be sure of doing a good job. Once again, what makes Etsy different from other places on the net, is the main idea of community.

Working (and living) with what has to do with languages, I've been wondering about this project before joining. We are doing it as volunteers, we are just partecipating in what we want to became real. We first wanted this site to speak Italian. But translation is also a serious matter, people do it for a living, so... how fair is it doing it for free?
I hope someone is supposed to revise our whole work, in the end. Someone that do it for a living.
So far, once again I am learning something new!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dark blue-green, earrings in Murano Glass

My latest trip in Venice was really great time spent with a dear friend of mine.

He was very kind and waited for me choosing glasses in a little shop along the street.

I love this colour (and he loved it too) It's dark but shining too.

This time I decided to use only Silver 925 as a metal. Hooks and the rest are totally in silver.

Probably I want to make them just more.. precious!!

Though they seem heavy, they are quite easy to wear.
Perfect for summer, to make you shine!!