Friday, 14 March 2008

Padova-Dickinson: task 3

Ok group,
our task for Monday is to come up as a group with an interesting question about American Culture, looking at the answers they've given to the questionnaire!

We can start from my blog, where I'll suspend "moderazione dei commenti" for this week, and then we will post to our course-blog the question!

Looking at the wiki, I read that two topics we were interested in are politics and immigrants, and those two are the more different visions between Italy and America.
Then, there is another interesting observation written by Alberto about the idea of individualism...

The thing is Sarah pointed out we should come up with a question that could provoke interesting discussion, not that easy eh?
So, start making comments to say what you think could be an interesting topic!
I'll be waiting for your answers!


Serena Santi said...

Hi guys!
I'm interested in knowing why Americans and Italians have such a different idea of immigration. Who are the 'American immigrants'? I've no precise idea. May be Chinese people, Italian... In Italy immigrants are seen not as a positive issue that can enrich our culture but as a 'menace'. Why do we have such an opinion? Certainly we are influenced by current news but the problem cannot be only that. I think in Italy immigration is a quite recent phenomenon compared to immigration in America. Italy seems to be a mono cultural society and it's not very easy to get accustomed to a new mixed culture. Think for example to the EU. We try to create one common Europe but are we ready to accept differences? I mean Romania is within the EU. Do you think Romanian are integrated into the Community? May be it's only a problem of time. Big changes took always time. Having an older tradition of immigration, America has a different and more positive approach towards this topic. But is it still the same after Semptember 11?

Claudia said...

The idea of "American immigrants" is really interesting, I don't know who they can be too! Probably it could be interesting to understand how the income of immigrants is regulated by law, I mean, here in Italy there is a great debate on what kind of law could regolate the acces of immigrants.
As Serena pointed out it could be interesting asking them whether after 11th September the attitude towards immigrants is still so positive!

Alesssia L. said...


I think this is a very burning issue and an interesting topic to diccuss as well!

As both of you wrote, things have undoubtedly changed after September 11 but reading some of their answers to the questionaire, I realised that their attitude towards immigrants is not always positive. I mean, it is true that their experience with immigrants is older than ours but I realised that immigrant groups are sometimes still perceived as a foreign component of their culture...
so maybe we could ask them about that and about their attitude after Sept 11!

Let me know if it's ok for you!

Bye bye


Alberto said...

I'm very interested in knowing their opinion about immigrants after September 11th and I think it's really a good question.
However, I'd like to point out that the U.S. hasn't just an older history of immigration than Italy, but also a different one. Immigration, in fact, is strictly connected to the birth of the U.S.A. and it's part of American history. This is the reason why we (Europeans and Americans) partially have a different feeling of immigration, in my opinion.

Serena Santi said...

Hi Claudia!
I think we came up with our question about immigration.
Could you please post it to Sarah's message in Blogging English?
I won't be there tomorrow. I have to attend another lesson. Bye

Claudia said...

Ok, so the final question should be: "How is American attitude towards immigration changed after September 11?"
I'll post in a couple of hours!

Alesssia L. said...

Hi guys!

Ok, the question seems to be ready now.

I just wanted to say that I partly agree with Alberto: it is true that the history of migrations in America is connected with "the making of the country" but America also experienced immigration in its relatively recent past: let's think about the Italian families who went there to escape from poverty and make their "American dream" come true...