Wednesday, 20 February 2008

listen to the music....

I'm working quite hard, and I have little time to write... But I'm not only studying... the 7th of March I will have a concert, so my sister and I are studying, or at least trying!!

We'll perform a very particular duet: bassoon and guitar! we'll play this Paçoca, among many other works of Brazilian authors. I particularly like Brazilian music, and so to make you forgive my absence I post this video, obviously a flute and a bassoon are very different, but I hope you'll enjoy!


qualcosa di bello said...

wow! i love the differences in the two sounds & how the piece pulls them together. is there any way you can youtube your duet? best of luck to you both on your performance

Claudia said...

I'm not going to youtube myself... too shy for this kind of things!

Even though we live in the same house we have never time enough to train... unbelievable!

Claudia said...

The concert went quite well... if you consider that the pianist fell ill so I had to play 4 more pieces alone, and there were only 5 people in the room, because tho organization didn't know that the guys (who were supposed to come to the concert) were on trip with the school... not something you plan in 3 days.. I mean, they should know it!

Anyway I enjoyed myself even though the day after I had temperature!!
What a terrible week-end!