Sunday, 25 November 2007

Go and see on YouTube

I'm not here to explain what YouTube is! Just try to see if it can be a useful tool to learn English.
Well, I don't know... I spent a lot of time looking for a video (that's why I'm late with my post!!) that could show that YouTube could be useful to learn a language, and I didn't find that much... Anyway it's almost obvious that providing many English videos it can be used to learn a language, but what is the difference with watching a film in its original language? I was looking for a deepest reason to use YouTube instead of a normal dvd...

Well, eventually I found those "Did you Know" video (I'll post one of them...) and I realized that some kind of communication are more effective than other! In this way YouTube can be a great advantage, because when you need to explain something a video can be very impressive (Think about the Web 2.0 video that Sara showed us...). But that's not learning a language, maybe it's teaching...

Well, probably we need to practice a bit more these new tools to understand how to use them properly, so...

Go and see on YouTube!


Lau Zock said...

Hi Claudia!
It's true that YouTube can't be the best tool to learn a language but I think it can be useful to improve our skills and to come up with new words!Some videos don't necessarily have to have a pedagogical purpose, because you can learn even from English songs,funny stories,tutorials... Moreover, in a video, images, movements and written words help you a lot in understanding!

Bye bye!

Serena Santi said...

Hi Claudia!
I have to admit that at the beginning I was very doubtful about the use of Youtube as a language learning tool but experiencing our peers' videos my opinion is a bit changed. Sometimes it's difficult to find useful videos not because there aren't many but because every time I search one I get lost and I watch hundreds of other videos that have nothing to do with my original purpose. Probably this is the reason why I still prefer other tools to improve my English listening. I agree with Laura. Images help you a lot in understanding a situation.

Claudia said...

Glad to see you've changed your mind, we've compared our ideas this week, and as always it is useful to discuss, but I'm still doubtful I'll manage to use it to really improve my English. I'm, anyway, learning how to use this tool properly, and that's good too.

alessandrasq said...

Hi Serena and Claudia
I'm very glad too that your opinions are slightly different from what you wrote in my post. You both were very sceptical about YouTube, but now I think that you have reassessed the whole situation. I mean, I'm not saying that YouTube is the best way to learning a foreign language, but I believe that it's must be considered as one of the innumerable opportunities hat you can find in the blogsphere to improve your language skills. Do you agree with me???
That's all guys
See you soon