Sunday, 4 November 2007

And finally I succeded!!

I spent a lot of time to understand what a feed aggregator is and how to use it (and still now I'm not sure of it!). There are mainly two reasons:
the first is that I didn't attend our last lab lesson;
the secon is that I don't like to read instuctions!

I know what you're thinking, if I don't want to read the instructions properly why am I complaining? But the point is that even when I decided to read the instructions I found some words that had no meaning at all to me!!

Anyway I eventually decided that I couldn't be overwhelmed by a machine, and exploring the site after my registration I managed to do it!!

What is the moral? Next time first read the instructions, then turn on the computer... (but the instructions are on the blog, well, I'll think about it next time!)


Serena Santi said...

Hi Claudia!
I was afraid last week at the lab lesson. I thought it was difficult to understand the mechanism of a feed aggregator. Hopefully Sarah was very clear in her explanation so the whole thing overturned to be a pleasant activity and really not too difficult. Sometimes even if you read the instructions things remain incomprehensible. Someone outside our group, which was not present at the lesson watched the tutorial video and find it helpful to understand feed aggregators. Probably you did the same. I'm happy you succeded in the end!

Alberto said...

I definitely understand you! When we talked about feed aggregators in the lab, I was scared. However, I'm happy that now I can affirm that creating an account in Bloglines isn't an impossible mission. It's easy and, over all, it can be very useful to save time when we're on the Web.
Then, be proud of yourself; if I hadn't come to the lab, I couldn't have had any possibility to guess what to do! :)

See you!

alessandrasq said...

Hi Claudia...
Congratulations for the fact that you were able to install and use feed aggregators properly, without attending the lessons. I was completely scared when, next week Sara proposed us this new activity. During her explanation many of the words that came out from his mouth was incomprehensible, because they were referred to feeds aggregators. But after 10 minutes of total panic I became more confidence with this tools and I assure you that it’s very useful and easy to use. One of its positive aspect is that it helps you to save time and reorganize you work in a better way. But ,may be it's better for you if the next time you come to the lesson, otherwise the more time that you have by using feed aggregator is waste away in reading the instruction...:-))

So, see you in the lab!!

Lau Zock said...

Hi Claudia! I think I am like you… perhaps because of my laziness I would like to know immediately how to work without reading any instruction or asking nobody but fortunately this time we had the video... otherwise I was in trouble! Don’t worry and be patient… technology and computers are not that bad after all!
C u!

Claudia said...

Hi Serena,
the video was a good idea,it provided me a step-by-step help!

Hi Alberto,
I'm quite proud indeed, having done all by myself, even though, if you think about it, that was not such an effort!
Anyway, we're learning!!

Hi Alessandra,
unfortunatly, as I've already said to Sarah, I can't attend lab lessons! I work every Wednesday afternoon... But I'm sure I'll be able to do those things by myself, otherwise I'll ask to my mates!!

Hi Laura,
actually I don't think technology is really difficult, or incomprehensible, but as you remark I'm quite lazy in all the teorethical aspects of using a computer... But I'm enjoying, and learning! That's positive!

See you all next Monday!

Claudia Trivellato said...

Hi Claudia! I agree with you when you say that technology is difficult and especially for you because you were not in class last lesson...however you managed to do well done!!