Monday, 4 February 2013

Being Italian

It is getting so difficult being Italian. I am not talking about citizenship, of course. I am talking about being proud of living here, of being part of this country.

Election day is getting closer and closer, unfortunately that takes out the wrost of our politicians...
I keep on wondering what is the image of our country from outside Italy, and I can guess it is not that nice. I don't want to go through each and every thing that has been said in the last month, that would be of no use. But I would like to see someone else on that stage.

I would love to listen to a dream, to a wind of change... Even something idealistic, and too much to become true!
I cannot see where is going my country until we keep on voting the same people, sharing the same ideas, expressing old values...

I want something new just because I really love my contry, and by the way I feel proud to be Italian, and I want to feel even more proud. Not only of past things, of our great culture and ancient times... I want to be proud of what we are and going to be.

But I can see no way to realize it at the moment...


ilaria anselmi said...

Ciao Clode, cosa posso dirti se non che siamo una moltitudine di italiani con lo stesso tumulto, lo stesso senso di nausea e di smarrimento?
E' veramente triste questo sentimento a cui siamo ormai costretti.

Un baso e grazie per essere passata da me!

Claudia said...

Grazie Ilaria!

Vorrei davvero sentirmi fiera per una volta!!

ilaria anselmi said...

Lo, so... me ne rendo conto. Sono i politici che ancora non hanno capito: basta vedere questa campagna elettorale, che rasenta il ridicolo.
E mi sono pure stufata di votare tappandomi il naso, per il meno peggio: io voglio il meglio, cavoli!