Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I'm standig up with etsy

 I'm partecipating in the campaign with this pair of earrings I've recently made.

Very light colours, a good idea for summer, and a very nice cause to help.


What are you waiting for?!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

etsy for charity

The earth is still moving in the north of Italy, etsy's Italian Friends are collecting money to help those who are in a difficoult situation because of the earth-quake, let's have a look:
"Stand up with us to help earthquake people by buying our beautiful handmade items!

The proceeds will be donated at the end of the campaign and we'll publish the receipt.
Please, take a look at our profile and shop policies and blog for more info."

Past found-rising:
- Five Land's Flood (Oct 2011- Feb 2012):
- GECA Onlus (2011 Jul-Sep):


I have donated something too, will be posted as soon as possible!
stay tuned!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

It is a matter of size sometimes...

Bracelets are a totally different matter from earrings when you create a piece of jewellery...
Because bracelet may have a right size!

When I started working on this bracelet I didn't consider it, since I was busy in preparing the stones. The solution came quite easily, anyhow: putting various rings at the end it becomes suitable for different "wrist".

Matching agata with nacre is quite unusual, but I like these two colours togheter!
The result is a very fine bracelet.

I think I'll prepare a pair of earrings with the same motifs, since I still have agata and nacre...

Stay tuned!

Friday, 11 May 2012

what's in a hobby

I need to keep moving my hands, particularly when I'm nervous or worried for something...
That's why I play the guitar.
That's why I like cooking.
That's why I started this new hobby!

Earrings are my favourite piece of jewelery! What i like most is that they move while you move. According to this idea I try to make all my earrings move somehow. Though the long tubeis static, the final agata at the end can move.

That's just an hobby for me, of course. In etsy I found a way to share it first of all, and let see what is going to happen...

Even blogging was just an experiment at the very beginning and eventually made me in real contact with extraordinary people here around...

Too much time is passed since then and my blogroll is to be updated... I'll do that too.

Hope you enjoy what you see so far!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Time goes by...

...and new projects come to life!!

I've been thinking about my "English" blog, and how to keep it alive. Italian lessons are still something I want to do here, and language learning in general is still among my main activities.
Recently, I started something new...
A new hobby, if you want to say so... I started creating jewellery. At first I was not so satisfied with the result, but I kept on trying and... what I'm doing now is a bit more pretty to see (or, at least I hope so!)

Yesterday night I opened a virtual shop on Etsy. I "studied" a bit before opening it and I finally decided to try...
Here is my first item:

I bought the glass during my last visit in Venice. In the fine little shop where I bought these two, there were no others with the same colour. What I really like about these earrings is the colour! It reminds me of water, and the shape too convey to this idea! That's why I decided to put nothing else than the glass for these earrings.

I hope you like them, and hope that you enjoy visiting my shop!
Stay tuned!

The earrings are available here: