Friday, 11 May 2012

what's in a hobby

I need to keep moving my hands, particularly when I'm nervous or worried for something...
That's why I play the guitar.
That's why I like cooking.
That's why I started this new hobby!

Earrings are my favourite piece of jewelery! What i like most is that they move while you move. According to this idea I try to make all my earrings move somehow. Though the long tubeis static, the final agata at the end can move.

That's just an hobby for me, of course. In etsy I found a way to share it first of all, and let see what is going to happen...

Even blogging was just an experiment at the very beginning and eventually made me in real contact with extraordinary people here around...

Too much time is passed since then and my blogroll is to be updated... I'll do that too.

Hope you enjoy what you see so far!

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