Friday, 1 June 2012

In Clode's drawer

Yes, definitely I've got the title!

My drawers are always a mess! And nobody is authorized to open them, except for me, of course. Inside there I can found anything, really! Last week I found even money (that's the good thing of having such a terrible memory)! My sister is always complaining about my drawers, and when something disappears in our room, she is always convinced that it is there. That's almost never the truth.

But drawers for me are also something... poetic! There is an expression in Italian "il tuo sogno nel cassetto" which means the dream you keep in your drawer. You can keep it there because it is secret, or because you are waiting the right time to use it. Anyway, anytime someone asks me about my "sogno nel cassetto". To have a free drawer to put my dreams inside of it! :)

This shop is a partial realization of me, of what I'm doing, so it could be, one of my drawer for my dreams (Of course, I have more than one!!)

Here a bit of things you can find in my drawer now:

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