Thursday, 11 September 2008


09/11/2001 I had one of the best ice cream of my whole life. I was in Sirmione on the Garda lake, and suddenly everybody went to watch the TV nearby, I went too and I saw what seemed to be a film. The attack, the tower collapsing... so unreal! I didn't realize immediately what that could mean, but then I remember that the strong feeling we had was fear. What will the Americans do after that?!

In 2003 I was attending my first year at University, the very day of the attack on Baghdad I had a lesson in the Political Science department! When I reached Piazza Antenore I understood that reaching my class that day would have been really hard. There were many students outside, complaining for the attack. I had economics, and since I don't understand a thing about economics, all I wanted was to go and see whether my Professor was going to teach us something that day. He arrived and was going to do his lessons when some students came in to call us to join the demonstration. After deciding to stay there, our Professor asked us “Do you know what happened on 9/11?!” Who didn't?! And someone asked back: “What year?”

I had already read The House of the Spirits, And I knew what happened in Chile in 1973, but I had never realized that the day of the coup d'état was 09/11...

On 11th September Augusto Pinochet overthrew Allende's government, with the help of United States intelligence. During the military Junta of those years there was a word largely used: desaparecidos, disappeared. All those who had something against the government simply disappeared.

In 1998 Pinochet was arrested for Crimes against Humanity. He was practically never processed, because of his health problems or many other little reasons.

Today is 09/11, and even though I live in Italy there are many programs on TV remembering us what happened 7 years ago. I respect those people who died in Twin Towers attack, and their families too, their sufferance.

But is there any respect for the more than 3000 people who died during Pinochet's government?! Are they once more desaparecidos?!


Book Queen said...

I wish I had read this closer to 9/11. I agree that there are many events in history that need to be brought forth and aired as events, life shattering in fact. I think it is sad that the people who lost their lives and their family members on 9/11/01 have been overlooked because of the actions of our government.

Claudia said...

I'm glad to see that someone have finally commented this post, I was afraid of being offensive...

All I wanted to say is just that we tend to forget very soon! But I do respect those who have lost a beloved person on 9/11/01!