Friday, 29 August 2008

As I promised

here there are some images of my holiday!

As you can guess I don't feel like putting my guys' pics here,

so, enjoy the landscape!

We couldn't bath here unfortunately, too cold!

But so beautiful!

And that's the best way to keep you warm!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

and now...

...I'm back home! the climate is hot again (and wet!), no more marvellous landscape around me, and my head full of worry for my next exams.

I enjoyed so much those days with my guys, lightening a fire every night, and somehow going back to what is really important to me. What I absolutely need in my life, and what i don't!

It is so strange that ten days make my life somehow so different, it is not only a matter of contact to nature, probably is due to the people that were with me, the feeling you have when people surround you and are ready to help you...

I spent 10 wonderful days, I've been so tired this week, and now I know I have so many things to do... but I'm ready and back home!

P.S. I'll post some photos in the next few days, the thing is I didn't take them with my camera, so be patient (as I am!!).

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Ready?! Go!!

I'm going to the mountains! I'll leave on Sunday morning. Me and 20 boys and girls from 12 to 16 (and some other adults with me of course!!) 10 days sleeping in a tent, lighting a fire to prepare lunch and dinner, and living in what is really Nature.

One could say that is not exactly holiday, no rest (definitely) and taking care of other people. But I really enjoy this 10 days (I do this kind of holiday every year!), even though some mornings I'll wake up wondering why I decided to go there, and some other I won't be able to get up, some days I'll be discouraged by the weather or what else... But when back, I'll be so happy, and smiling, and tired, of course, and I'll remember my guys' smile during these days...

So, ready??!! Go!!